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Bodygram PLUS  Pricelist
Bodygram PLUS Basics € 299,00 +VAT
+ 1 module € 399,00 +VAT
+ 2 modules € 449,00 +VAT
+ 3 modules € 449,00 +VAT when purchased within the 30 trial period days
€ 499,00 +VAT
Yearly subscription renewal

€ 182,50 +VAT
€ 152,00 +VAT
when subscriped within the 30 trial period days

Bodygram PLUS Enterprise network-oriented € 799,00 +VAT
Single module € 109,00 +VAT

Medical device classification: Bodygram Plus is classified as a class i medical device (directive 93/42/EC);
It is also a class a medical device EN 62304:2006.
Technical characteristics:
Program type: wpf c#
Database type: Microsoft SOL
DB Access: local or with network path, via utility included in the software database and config file installation
Folder: username/documents/bodygramplus lnstallation mode: clickonce user client
Requirements: microsoft .net framework 4, SOL engine
License: via activation key available online and offline
Respect for subject data protection: subject names encrypted in direct DB access
Minimum system requirements
Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 Pro, Windows 10
Minimum screen resolution 1366 x 800 (recommended 1920 x 1080 HD)
Dual core 1 GHZ processor
2 GB ram (4 GB recommended)
1.5 GB free disk space
Not compatibe with windows 8 RT