Bodygram PLUS

Innovative touch


New tools for estimating and interpretation, new reports, scheduler, news of scientific articles and updates from the world of body composition funneled in a single app.

Of all the innovative features introduced by Bodygram Plus, a most significant one is the new algorithms to detect real hydration, avoiding customary an unreliable steady state assumption of body fluids that is a daily variable volume.

  Fat mass
This new and unique approach of using the real hydration state has improved significantly the SEE and prediction of all compartments, Fat and Lean Mass are now estimated with a much higher precision. It is no longer required to   ask for all palliative recommendations to attempt reaching “ normal hydration “.
Weight control
Estimating theoretical time to reach the target weight corresponding to ± 5% of the ideal weight loss Weight loss can enhanced with physical activities that the Nutritionist can choose from a list and entered in the weight loss plan (Weight Manager Report.
  Hydragram® and Nutrigram®
Forerunners for having implemented the BIVA (Vector Analysis currently now used and clinically validated in various clinical conditions), Akern integrates today in its new software the Hydragram®, Nutrigram® scales to side and simplify the much diffused Biavector® (BIVA) and Biagram@ to obtain immediate, bedside classifications of hydration and nutritional states.

  Nutrional evaluation
FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index) e FMI (Fat Mass Index) percentiles to follow all changes and to score results Appendicular muscle strength to facilitate sarcopenic assessments . Muscle mass innovative equations and new indexes such as SMI (skeletal muscle mass index), ASMM (appendicular skeletal muscle mass index) for clinical use.

  Anthropometric module
Bodygram Plus users may now manage, under the same platform, both BIA and Anthropometrics tests. The module allows to track shape changes via 8 circumferences, assess patient’s morphology, calculate cardiometabolic risks as well as abdominal fat.

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